Representative U.S. Patents

U.S. Patent No. and Title

11,773,600 Wall Paneling System

11,747,306 Pipeline Structural Fault Diagnosis Apparatus and Diagnosis Method

11,704,404 Method for Control-Flow Integrity Protection, Apparatus, Device and Storage Medium

11,624,066 Neurodegenerative Disorders

11,591,865 Method, Device and System of Vibration Reduction Control on Installation of Deepwater Drilling Riser

11,207,326 Accelerated Treatment of COVID-19 and SAR’s Type Virus

D936,507 Piezoelectric Acceleration Sensor

11,111,376 Flame-Retarded Styrene-Containing Formulations

10,982,000 Methods for Treating and/or Reducing the Likelihood of Heart Failure by

Administering Anti-Activin Receptor Type II (anti-ActRII) Antibody

10,940,090 Syringe Assembly

9,622,975 Pharmaceutical Composition